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Kathy Nolan

I would highly recommend Kathy B's Montessori. Never before have I seen a Montessori so well managed in preparing your child for their future education. Each day my daughter would come home with new words they had learnt in Irish & even sign language! Each month we got their monthly report with what they did each day & how they were managing emotionally. All the teachers are amazing. Lucy will never forget her time here & keeps saying now that she has finished, "sure I can go back & visit" which she no doubt will! 
Keep up the amazing work you do, you are a credit to our community here in Kingswood!

Ciara Higgins

An amazing Montessori, with amazing teachers. My son enjoys every day and runs into school.
Katherine, Lisa, Audrey and the team are wonderful with the children, have taught them so much. Alex's skills have come such a long way this year. I have seen how much he has grown and learned. He is so proud when he accomplishes something new that he has learned in school and so proud to show us at home. I get so excited to receive the monthly reports to see exactly what Alex has done in school as with kids some days all I got told was colouring or cubes
I would highly recommend Kathy B's. The best Montessori by far.

Thank you so much for giving my son the best start to his school years.
I really appreciate how hard you work and how much you care.
Thank you.

Ciara and Pawel


Louise Lawlor

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, Katherine and all her staff i.e. Lisa, Lorraine, Shannen, Rose, Catherine, Audrey and Sharon for providing my son with a happy, friendly learning environment where he has blossomed into a bright, sociable young boy and where he has been fully equipped with the necessary skills ready to start primary school this September.

I had heard what a fantastic Montessori school Kathy B’s is and I have not been disappointed. My son has attended for two years full time and has never once complained about attending. The school day at Kathy B’s is well structured and the children learn key skills through a variety of fun and varied methods. Friday was always a firm favourite with my son as he got to bake and bring the cake home to eat. Other highlights for him include Pajama day, Santa’s visit to Kathy b’s at Christmas time and singing his Christmas carols.

A real highlight for me as a parent was attending during parent partnership week and the school tour to Lullymore where I witnessed firsthand the caring, kind, professional manner in which the staff at Kathy b’s treat the children and also got a chance to see how my own son interacted with his peers.

Monthly reports and newsletters, the facebook page and parent teacher meetings are great for keep parents informed as to what is going on and how your child is getting on at Kathy B’s. I always looked forward to receiving this information or seeing an image of my boy playing or learning happily.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kathy B’s Montessori. Whilst my son will move onto primary school, my daughter will be attending from September on a full time basis too and I have every confidence she will settle and be as happy as her brother at Kathy B’s.

Thanks again for all your hard work, I truly appreciate it. Louise


Lesley Kennedy

Highly recommend, amazing staff can't thank you all enough for everything you have done to help Jamie progress over the last 3 years. He will miss you all especially Lisa and Nicole.


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