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All Policies & Procedures are detailed in our Parent's Handbook which is emailed to all parents before their child commences in Kathy b's.

Parents are required to read this handbook and sign a form to confirm they have read and understood all our Policies & Procedures and return this form to the Manager / Assistant Manager. Any questions or queries regarding our Parent's Handbook should be forwarded to the Manager / Assistant Manager. Our Policies & Procedures are revised annually to reflect any changes in our practises at Kathy b's or any changes in Childcare Regulations

Our full list of Policies & Procedures are as follows:

    1.       Accidents & Incidents Policy

2.       Administration of Medication Policy

3.       Anti-Bullying Policy

4.       Behaviour Management Policy

5.       Belongings Policy

6.       Child Protection Policy

7.       Complaints Policy

8.       Confidentiality Policy

9.       Curriculum Policy

10.   Drop Off & Pick Up Policy

11.   Enrolment Policy

12.   Equal Opportunities Policy

13.   Fees Policy

14.   Fire Safety Policy

15.   Fundraising & Partnership with Parents Policy

16.   Healthy Eating Policy

17.   Homework Policy

18.   Illness & Exclusion Policy

19.   Inclusion Policy

20.   Management to Prevent the Spread of Infection Policy

21.   Outdoor Policy

22.   Outings Policy

23.   Pet Policy

24.   Recruitment & Selection Policy

25.   Risk Management Policy

26.   Safe Sleep Policy

27.   Settling-In Policy

28.   Social Media Policy

29.   Staff Absences Policy

     30.   Staff Training Policy

31.   Supervision Policy

32.   Toilet Training Policy

       33.     TV Policy


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