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RTE Primetime Documentary


Dear Parents,

Many of you will have seen or heard about the Primetime Investigates programme last night which uncovered bad practice at two Dublin crèches and one in Wicklow.

At Kathy b’s to say we are all disturbed and saddened by what we saw is an understatement and the story continues to play out on the airwaves today and will no doubt continue into the weekend and beyond.

The purpose of this letter is to reassure you about the quality assurance measures we adhere to in our service:

At Kathy b’s our motto is “a fun place to learn”, and the happiness, health, safety and wellbeing of every child who attends our service is central to who we are and what we do.

Staff at Kathy b’s are trained and qualified to Fetac Level 5 and 6 and Lisa and myself are both qualified Montessori Teachers also. All staff are also trained in Paedriatric First Aid, Child Protection, Manual Handling, Fire Safety and Planning the Curriculum.

We have a very low staff turnover ratio at Kathy b’s. We have 3 Full Time, myself Lisa and Audrey and we have all worked in Kathy b’s for the last 5 and a half years since opening. This is a hugely important part of who we are and ensures stability, trust and confidence from families who use our service. Our other staff members Lorraine, Michelle and Catherine have worked at Kathy b’s for 4.5 years, 2.5 years and 2 years respectively.

We follow a quality pre planned and documented Montessori curriculum which is child led and ensures the emotional, social and intellectual development of all children at their own pace. Our children make choices regarding their play and have the freedom to choose their Montessori work daily in an unrestricted but safe environment under our care. Our daily feedback, monthly written reports, bi annual Parent Teacher meetings, open door policy, Partnership with Parents Week and regular updates on our Facebook Page and our website ensure we keep you up to date on what your child is learning and how they are developing both socially and emotionally at Kathy b’s. We encourage a positive approach to helping children manage their own behaviour and we always inform parents of any incidents or accidents that may happen.

Our younger Full Time children have a daily sleep and dining routine. Mealtimes at Kathy b’s encourage a positive happy and sociable atmosphere, where children are encouraged to feed themselves at their own pace and enjoy the company of the other children at the table. After dinner time our younger children are changed and then nap for approximately 1 hour where 1 member of staff will stay with the 2-3 children who are napping until they are asleep and then we check on each child every 10 minutes. 

Since opening in January 2008 Kathy b’s has been inspected annually and each inspection has been very successful. We welcome the announcement by the Minister for Children that all future HSE Inspection Reports will be available online to the public.

In our most recent detailed inspection the HSE preschool officer Michelle Corcoran reported under Regulation 5 “The health and Well-being of children” that at Kathy b’s

 “a wide range of age appropriate activities and experiences is provided in their programme. Children were observed doing their Montessori work, cutting and pasting, baking and enjoying outdoor play. Children were provided with opportunities to make choices and initiate activities. Routine observation and progress records are maintained and activities are planned based on the child’s individual profile. The rooms are bright and pleasant. Toddlers have their own room in the morning but have the use of the larger pre-school room in the afternoon. The pre-school is well resourced with Montessori and general pre-school materials. The garden is used by all children on a daily basis. There are designated staff for each care group/class. Staff worked well together to ensure the smooth running of the session. A good variety of food is provided and children are supported towards independence and meeting their own self care needs as appropriate. Stackers beds are available for children who need a nap”.

As the people charged with the care and education of your child, myself, Lisa, Audrey, Lorraine, Catherine and Michelle take huge pride in the service we provide.

We are happy to discuss the inspection process at any time with you and we would welcome you to drop in and talk to us at any time.


Kind regards


Katherine Lynch

Owner / Manager

Kathy b’s Montessori & After-School


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